Articles of Association (Code) of Asia Advertisement Association



This Association shall be termed "Asia Advertisement Association" and abbreviated to "AAA"(hereinafter referred to as the "Association").




The purpose of this Association is to promote the development and growth of the advertising industry, establish the strategies for internationalization and branding of advertising exhibitions, and induce an active participation for the prosperity of the advertising industries and advertising exhibitions in Asia.




This Association shall conduct the businesses as follows:

(0)   Exchange of information on the latest market trends in their domestic industry and sharing of experience of growth;

(1)   Cooperation for nurturing talents and personnel exchanges;

(2)   Planning to convene international conferences and seminars periodically;

(3)   Offering and sharing the information for creating global business (opportunity)

that benefits the member States.


(Member Category)

Article 4

1. Members shall be full members.

2. Full membership, in principle, shall be given to the organization or association hosting the advertising exhibition which is the largest in size or influence in the relevant countries or regions in Asia.

In addition, in principle, one country or region should have only one member.

3. Members shall respect the spirits of "Interchange· Cooperation· Reciprocity” and mutually trust and exchange, and make the best efforts with respect to the following matters:

(1)Notification and invitation to exhibitions, events, or seminars;

(2)During the period of exhibitions, 1 booth shall be provided to the Association free of charge for distributing the advertisement material and PR of the Association, or for distributing exhibition materials of each member state;

(3)The Member should respond to the request for cooperation such as advertisement of the exhibitions, recruitment of exhibitors, mobilization of visitors, and dispatch of inspection team, and grant of co-sponsored names;

(4) Offering of advertisement sections in the guide book of the exhibition;

(5)Cross-links in the official site;

(6) Provision of advertisement sections in the bronchus or publications.




1. Application for admission shall be approved by the president through the member.

2. If there is any request for the membership, the president and vice president shall examine it for the admission.


(Burden of Expenses)

Article6   Membership fee shall be not collected.

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